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Intuition & Purpose Workshop

3 modules of 2H each [launch price: 105€]

For whom? This course fires up your inner guidance, your inspiration and problem-solving creativity. It's perfect for people who haven't found their calling yet or have too many loose ideas. The course offers wonderful tools to apply in daily life and to take your project or job to the next level.

Modulo 1
Chiarezza | pulire il tuo spazio | accedere alla tua Fonte di Idee | brainstorming sui tuoi progetti

Modulo 2
3 other lives | create with your purpose | discover your continents | in which life-phase is my project | dreams

Modulo 3
create with frequency | brainstorming on your why | basics of channeling | the artist in me

Location: zoom [105 € for 3 modules of 2h each]

Date: 3 Tuesdays in 2024 at 19H (from 7 to 9 pm CET)

Email me for more details & signing up

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