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Set Yourself Free

Would you like to get unstuck
without having to tell anyone about a traumatic event?

Or are you feeling a discomfort without knowing where to point at?

Do you need more clarity on how to move Forward Now?

Would you like to feel better without talking about a difficult time?

At Pinctada Spaces I create a safe space for you in which you can find solutions

We will define together which approach would be the most appropriate for you. In the safety of a personal inner space, which I will guide you into, we are going to clear with ease these blocks. The session with the technique we choose is lead by a reading and is fortified by offering tools you can further apply yourself to improve your current issue or situation.

Reserve for a private session enough time to benefit from the energies afterwards.

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In a 1:1 session I use a step-by-step process which is absolutely non-invasive. In most cases I guide you through an energizing meditative state where we get access to information in your body, mind or soul memory.

The session can take place online via zoom or offline and always in the safety of a protected space. I am guiding you step-by-step through the meditation and release. This envolves musle testing and yes/no questions. You will feel a sense of lightness and relief as soon as we identify them.

The following days could feel different: as you will have been releasing, people around you will sense new vibes and you will gain more clarity. With the practical tips, and the new vision of the future, you will have then an empowered position to move forward from into your future destiny.

In and after the session you will be able to:

- release stuck energy: emotions, beliefs and toxic soul memories
- be more grounded in the present with long-lasting effect
- receive a set of tools to work with by yourself
- get clarity about the future possibilities
- ask specific questions and receive guidance on your situation
- learn how to access your intuition and activate your own healing capacities

You will feel a sense of lightness and relief as soon as we have processed the heavy lifting of whatever needed to go. You will then receive practical tips on how to move further from there in your desired direction. A follow-up session is only necessary in case you'd feel ready to release more. Sessions can be done online or in-person.

1:1 private consultation 
1H (€120)

1 emotion code session

1:1 private consultation package

3+1 emotion code sessions

1:1 private energy session 
1H30 (€200)

1 healing energy session

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