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Alpha State Meditation

Accessing the Alpha State helps to be the surgeon of your own subconscious mind. This specific meditation is meant to improve your mental capacities. 
This applied meditation is intended to offer you a key to your current problems in every area of your life.

You can opt for a package of weekly meditation sessions (group) to be trained in or; 
you can opt for an intensive workshop of 2 hours which comprehends learning the method itself to access your subconscious mind.

"When I was 10, I started to apply autogenic training and this has balanced my artistic and intuitive brain to be also practical. When I started with the Silva Method, 30 years later, my daily life was hit by many violent events one after the other and I considered my life to be "ill" and thus the ideal guinea pig for finding out if I could apply with a quick successful outcome this specific problem-solving meditation. It worked. It works." 

The method hereby taught is based on my own highly intensive experience with The Silva Method (by José and Laura Silva) for the past 2 years and my own results and insights. I have found common denominators between this method and other specific meditation, intuitive and self-hypnosis techniques, which is the alpha brain wave, a bridge between you and your subconscious. 

When you learn how to communicate with your subconscious mind and from that relaxed state, you'll start improving your life with new solutions. The best thing is, that your health improves drastically.

Paraphrasing Joe Dispenza: "People, by habit, are stuck in emergency mode and just like speeding on the highway in first gear, ultimately they will burn out at some point because you have no energy for growth and repair and they look for energy from distractions and possibly even addictions."

I teach by experience and I will make sure you'll get the best out of this too.
It's suitable for:

• who likes meditations to be pragmatic

• when you need a “possible” solution to an “impossible” problem

• who wants to do something about their situation or simply improve their peace at heart, career, health, family situation or relationship


• it boosts your immune system naturally
• you will start remembering your dreams
• if you practice daily, you will improve your life
We will meditate guided by my voice and with the preparative instructions. Every participant receives clear guidance on how to get into alpha and beyond.

Dates in 2024:
Weekly training on Sundays at 5 pm CET, in Pescara-Italy 
[MEDITATION TRAINING after having completed the WORKSHOP]
Duration MEDITATION: 45 mins online or offline [€25/session]
Every week a guided meditation with a cup of tea or coffee.

Weekly on Wednesdays at 10 am CET or at 7 pm
Duration WORKSHOP: 90 mins via zoom [€180/month]
Every week a new original theoretical aspect is introduced, integrated and worked on in guided meditation.
A certificate of attendance is released after 3 months.

No recordings for privacy reasons. Use your computer camera to participate so that I can monitor your level of focus. During meditation you can sit or lay down with the microphone off.

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