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Breathe, from here it’s getting better

At Pinctada Spaces, I create a safe space for you in order to let go of what doesn’t serve you anymore. It helps you to get unstuck and away from a recurring discomfort. From there I am guiding you towards the future timeline of your choice to improve your current state.

Since 25 years, I have been practicing problem solving meditations, medical meditation breathing techniques, energy medicine, spirit animal wisdom, shamanic journeying and timeline meditations from various traditions specifically and thoroughly.

I am a survivor myself. I would like to show you how you can keep living life in the midst of chaotic events: emotional relief for you and your loved ones.

This stuff works wonders and you’ll get always better results.

Set yourself free

The Emotion Code™ [advanced]

Release layers of trauma, hindering beliefs and heavy memories.

Learn how you can
live light-heartedly

This highly effective technique by Dr. Bradley Nelson has been giving lasting results and the technique has become a second nature to me after I got certified in 2013. Now I help people and animals to get unstuck with ease, discretion and, if necessary, at a distance.

“The Emotion Code is a powerful and simple way to let go of unseen baggage using muscle testing. It can identify and release the trapped emotions in your life, eliminating your baggage’ and the root cause.”

My clients tell me how much more lighthearted they instantly feel and how they feel empowered to overcome heavy issues such as depression, eating disorders, trauma, old grief, hindering beliefs and persistent fears.

On top of the Emotion Code practice, I have learned and developed complementary tools to use as portals to step in the past, the future and into our soul for the sole purpose of healing, first ourselves… then our loved ones.

So, with a clear vision and by being able to test accurately for others, this technique helps me to dig even deeper. We will bring to the surface old wounds without their drama nor pain. You will be able to gently let go of them and to step, in stead, towards a supportive belief-system and, finally, peace at heart.

How do I work?
We will define together which approach would be the most appropriate for you at the moment to transform heavy emotions. Maybe, you have a specific question. Our session together will take place offline or online and always in the safety of a personal space to clear these blocks and get immediate guidance.

Step by step I am guiding you through an energizing and deep meditative state. I use a predefined, fast and absolutely non-invasive process. This involves some yes or no questions. We release unwanted emotions, non-useful beliefs, and toxic entanglements that were being suppressed in the memory of your body, mind, or soul.

You will feel a sense of lightness and relief as soon as we identify them. The following days may feel different – you will feel the new vibes and a newfound clarity. With practical suggestions received on how to move forward, you then have an empowered position to move forward in your desired future direction..

For our animal friends
I've also created a method for asking your furry friend (just like a child, with your permission) clear answers to support a treatment or to help resolve an emotional distress. It is a communication we establish with them to help support them better emotionally and behaviourally.

A safe space
This practice could assist any other health treatment or personal development parkour. Even if I am not a doctor, financial, legal, or personal advisor, you'll learn more about yourself by looking at things from a different perspective. I have tested the accuracy with other independent energy workers getting the same answers to exactly the same questions. I always release only what can go and hinder you, to feel better and rested.

A cup of coffee
So, if you would like my support, I'd be honored to work with you. Email me and we can chat for 15 minutes to find out how I can support you, your loved ones or pets on your unique path to more personal power and creative joy.

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