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The Pet Relief Program

A 4-week program to guide animals through though times, strange behaviour, after surgery, a traumatic (unknown) event or big changes. With the acquisition of this tool, you will be more independent to take care of your furry, scaled or feathered friends. I will teach you to assist pets and animals in general and to communicate with them when they are unwell. Once you identify the issue, you can use my system also to look for a solution.

This course is suitable for pet lovers, pet owners, sanctuary owners, animal shelter workers and vets to support the animals they encounter and keep.

Module 1 (2H)
Communication basics
How to apply the method
Safety measures and set-up of procedure
First exercise with tools

Module 2 (2H)
Fine-tuning your communication skills
The FAQ of the procedure
Observation dairy
Training exercises with animals: assistance and feedback

Module 3 (2H)
Energetic healing support for pets part 1: the PET RELIEF CHART
Bonus exercise with tools

Module 4 (2H)
Energetic healing support for pets part 2: trouble shooting and bibliography
Bonus exercise with tools

Location: zoom
Upcoming next: 4 evenings in 2024 at 21H (from 9 to 11 pm)

Email me for details and to book your seat.

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